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The team at Primus Touristik

Passionate travellers make competent agents

The members of our team have found their dream job. As enthusiastic travellers, the people at Primus welcome the chance to put their travel experience to good use to organise trips and holidays with the same care they devote to their own holiday arrangements.

The Silbernagl family – Anton and Monika with their sons Markus and Günther – founded and brought to success both the eponymous bus travel company and Primus Touristik, drawing on their passion and innovation-oriented intuition!

Agate CostaSpecialised in: Group trips & travel companion
Agate Costa

After several years of work at the Silbernagl, Agate Costa completed her apprenticeship as a travel companion, turning her passion for foreign countries and cultures into a career at Primus Touristik. Agate accompanies groups on their trips, makes sure that everything runs smooth, and acts as a mediator with hotels and tour guides on site. She always looks forward to fulfilling the holiday dreams of her customers – and she always succeeds.

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