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Group trips by Primus Touristik

Group trips can be fantastic experiences and make a perfect solution for those who would otherwise be forced to travel on their own, or not at all.  One of the major advantages of a group trip is that your fellow travellers can help you out, e.g. if you are travelling abroad but cannot speak a foreign language. For everything else – including travel arrangements, accommodation and cultural programmes – you can rely on Primus Touristik!

The benefits of travelling together

Socialisation is obviously the main perk of group trips.  If you like to make new friends, share new experiences and – why not – seize every opportunity for networking, group trips offer you a great chance to do it all. It is not unusual for our customers to establish long-term friendships with people they met on a group trip, which makes us very proud and happy.  In any case, group trips are a gold mine of fond memories.

We also plan trips for existing groups – incentive- and corporate trips, school trips, family jaunts and more. If you know with whom you want to travel, but not where to, we will help you choose a destination to make everyone happy. Making everyone happy is indeed the main goal and greatest challenge with every group trip.

School trips
Senior trips

Impeccable organisation

Once you have chosen your destination, it is time for us to roll up our sleeves and start planning your group trip. We will find a departure that is convenient for all passengers, make sure transfers to your destination run smooth, and devise an interesting activity programme to enrich your holiday (if you wish). This way, you can enjoy your group trip without the burden of taking care of all the arrangements.  

Whether you have in mind a city trip or an active holiday to spend with your school mates or family, we have plenty of options for you to choose from, ranging from holiday packages to bespoke trips.

Group trips for students

We are chuffed to arrange special trips for students – language trips, cultural trips, school-leaving trips and more. Organising a school trip can be quite a challenge: Accommodation, the cultural programme and organisation in general need to be perfect. Our team know what makes young travellers tick, and how to meet their sometimes wild expectations.

School-leaving trips in particular are in a league of their own. It is the last journey together before students part ways after sharing 5 years of study and fun, so it has to be special. City tours are especially popular for this kind of trip. Prague, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, London, Rome... have your pick! With an endless choice of sights, museums, events and nightlife highlights, it will be an unforgettable way to round off a high-school career.

Comprehensive advice and compelling deals

If you are interested in a group trip, get in touch with our travel offices in Bolzano/Bozen, Naturno/Naturns, Chiusa/Klausen or Vipiteno/Sterzing to receive comprehensive advice and compelling offers!