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Holiday packages and more by Primus Touristik

Primus Touristik offers a rich palette of holiday packages for you to indulge a healthy escapist spree, and attentive service to help you make everything run smooth. Whether you are travelling solo, with your partner or family, or with a group of friend or colleagues, you will find a great package to suit your needs at Primus Touristik.

Our team of passionate travellers and equally passionate travel agents will put their own personal experience to good use and  share useful tips with you whatever the service of your choice.

A spoiling choice of holiday packages

If you are interested in one of our packages, get in touch; we will ask you about your wishes and expectations and give you comprehensive advice. Personalised service is especially important, because requirements vary considerably depending on the type of holiday you have in mind.  A family holiday, for instance, is only successful if all family members are content – which means that children must be granted their share of action and fun as much as parents need to enjoy some moments of quiet and regeneration.

Couples on the other hand tend to pick holiday packages focusing on spa and relaxation, better if sprinkled with cultural sights or enriched with a romantic twist. Unsurprisingly, spa holidays and city tours score equally high with lovebirds. A kiss on the top of the Tour Eiffel, a hand-in-hand stroll down the streets of Berlin, or a hopeful coin tossed into the Trevi fountain are great classics that never lose their charm.

Whether you are after a spa resort in the Alps, a seaside camping site or a family hotel tucked away in the countryside, leaf through our packages and you will find one to match your desires.

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The joy of travelling – for young and old

Our holiday packages also include a number of group trips especially tailored to seniors. Retirement is a great opportunity to give free rein to one’s joie de vivre, curiosity and often underestimated energy. Cultural trips and city tours, spa holidays in thermal resorts and seaside holidays are big favourites of our senior customers. – our mature customers love to explore the world and share adventures with their friends, and we are utterly delighted to devise special holiday packages for them!  

Travelling with peers who can help you out with a foreign language takes the edge off the challenge of a journey abroad. In addition, a zesty exchange of ideas, a change of scenery and friendly companions sharing similar interests help to keep the mind sharp and the heart in good shape – our packages for senior offer that and more!

Fast-tracking an unforgettable experience

Get in touch with Primus and you will never have to scour portals or search engines in the hope to find the right deal. After a preliminary interview, our team will present you with a spoiling choice of deals and packages on the basis of your requirements, and help you pick the perfect one.  

Would you like to try the Primus experience? Have a look at our holiday packages and get in touch with one of our three offices in South Tyrol!

We can’t wait to send you on a fantastic trip!
The Primus team