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Here is your travel checklist

Check, tick, and enjoy!

We have compiled a travel checklist to help you get ready for your holiday – here is a list of all the essential items to bring with you and details to take care of before departure. Primus Touristik wishes you a happy holiday!

Travel checklist

  • Necessary vaccinations
  • Valid passport and visa (depending on destination)
  • Travel documents (plane tickets, vouchers, travel insurance etc.)
  • Credit cards and cash
  • First-aid kit with basic medications such as painkillers, aspirin etc.
  • Facial masks, disinfection gel
  • Destination-appropriate clothing and equipment (e.g. bathing gear for a spa holiday, hiking equipment for a mountain holiday etc.)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, face cream etc.)
  • Camera incl. charger and additional memory card
  • Mobile or smartphone incl. charger, sufficient credit and adapter, if needed
  • Check your mobile provider’s roaming tariffs
  • Good reads for your relax breaks 

This travel checklist covers all the fundamentals – everything else you can get at your destination.
Enjoy your packing!